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Transparent Hollow Butt Plug Anal Expander For Enema Cleaning

  Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Size: AA Model Number: AA Material: TPE Brand Name: Windfall Origin: Mainland China Item Type: Anal Sex Toys Number of Pieces: COMBO

Stainless Steel Hollow Butt Plug Anal Sex Toy For SM Game

Material: Stainless steel Size: S: 58x72mm/59g M: 78x98mm/114g L: 87x102mm/169 Package: Each in plastic bag

Metal Hollow Anal Plug Dilator Stainless Steel Anal Stretcher

Hollow butt plug is a sex toy that is popular all over the world. It is launched by Senserex, Japan’s

Three Sizes Hollow Anal Plug For Male Female Soft Anus Dilator

Hollow butt plugs have an attractive look while also being very functional, making them the most popular toilet plugs today.

Premium Hollow Anal Plug Dilator Enema Speculum Prostate Massager

  Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Model Number: 10622 Material: Silicone Brand Name: VETIRY Feature: 100% brand new and high quality Function: Bring more

Black Soft Hollow Anal Plug For Anal Dilator Prostate Massage

Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Size: Anal Plug Model Number: Butt Plug Material: Silicone Brand Name: BOMBOMDA Origin: Mainland China  

V-shaped Hollow Butt Plug Thickened Neck For Anus Vagina Expansion

Specifications: Name: Hollow butt plug Material: Silicone Length: As the pic shows Size: As the pic shows Color: Black Weight:

SML Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel Anal Sex Toys For Prostate Massage

Hollow butt plugs are a new kind of sex toy, it’s a feast and a pleasure, a thrilling challenge with

Glow Hollow Anal Plug Soft Sex Love Ass​ Panties Anal Sex Toys

The hollow butt plug can be selected according to your taste and interest. The hollow butt plug is a very

Hollow Anal Plug Dilator Enema Anal Sex Toys Anus Expander

Hollow butt plugs are a very popular insertional sex toy for sexual flirtations, rituals or sexual organs. The biggest feature

Stainless Steel Hollow Metal Butt Plug Anal Sex Toy Anus Extender

The hollow butt plug is a sexual device known for its unique design that alters the way the player experiences

Hollow Speculum Peeking Butt Plug with Stopper Tunnel Expander

The hollow butt plug allows people to have a stimulating and novel butt experience in a safe and fun situation.

SML Silicone Hollow Anal Butt Plug Douche Enema Sex Toys

A hollow butt plug is an exciting sex device, very stimulating and the perfect bump gives different sensations. It can

Tunnel Anal Plug Hollow Speculum Anal Sex Toys Anus Dilator

The hollow butt plug is a wonderful and unique piece of erotic play equipment that represents the power to unlock

Speculum Peeking Anal Sex Toys Hollow Butt Plugs Expander

The hollow butt plug is a new revolutionary product with a new design to provide you with the ultimate experience.
L with inlay
L with insert
M with inlay
M with insert
S with inlay
S with insert

Clear Hollow Butt Plug For Men Women Masturbation Sex Toys

Hollow butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys in recent years, mainly consisting of an absorbent ring

Soft Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel Speculum Dilator For Anal Cleaning

A hollow butt plug, one of the most popular butt plugs, is a stainless steel or silicone genitalia designed to

Flower Design Opening Hollow Butt Plug Anal Expander Sex Toy

“Hollow butt plugs” themselves are also known as ring plugs, and are great for stimulation masks and split plugs, which
black L no plug
black M no plug
black S no plug
Black size L
Black size M
Black size S
Black size XL
Black size XXL
black XL no plug
black XXL no plug
L no plug
M no plug
S no plug
Translucent size L
Translucent size M
Translucent size S
Translucent size XL
Translucent size XXL
XL no plug
XXL no plug

5 Sizes Soft Speculum Hollow Anal Plug Enema Anal Sex Toys

Hollow butt plugs are a popular sexual aid that can transform one’s mood into a unique sensation. It’s designed for

Clear Hollow Butt Plug Anal Sex Toy For Male Female Dilator

Hollow butt plugs are currently very popular sex products. Many couples love this sex toy because it can create new

Metal Hollow Anal Plug Enema Flushing For BDSM Anal Expansion

The hollow butt plug is a safe and convenient sex product, which helps to enhance the pleasure of sex and

Premium Metal Hollow Anal Plug For G-spot Stimulator Douche Enema

Hollow butt plugs are a particularly popular flirting sex toy that originated in the sex industry. This hollow butt plug

Diffrent Sizes Hollow Anal Plug Enema Anal Sex Toy Anal Dilator

A hollow butt plug, also known as a post-space sese, is similar in design to a regular siesta, but it

Tunnel Silicone Butt Plug For Anal Training Kit Dilator Stopper

There are many kinds of anal sex products in the Chinese market, and the hollow butt plug is the most

Silicone Finger Hollow Butt Plug Anal Expander Anal Sex Toys

The hollow butt plug is a high-tech sex toy with multiple functions and safety designs to cater to various needs.

Medical Soft Silicone Hollow Anal Plug Anal Dilator Sex Toy

  Model Number: SZXF-GS194 Item Type: ANAL PLUG Material: Medical Silicone Sexually Suggestive: No Size: S/M/L/XL Obscene Picture: No Brand Name: Diqimoli Origin: Mainland China Number of Pieces: COMBO

New Arrival Metal Hollow Tunnel Anal Plug Douche Enema Sex Toy

  Model Number: GS-009 Item Type: ANAL PLUG Material: Metal Sexually Suggestive: No Size: Refer to the picture Obscene Picture: No Brand Name: WILD DESIRE Origin: Mainland China

Soft Hollow Butt Plug Anal Dilator Enema Anal Sex Toys For Men

  Model Number: SSS Item Type: ANAL PLUG Material: Silicone Sexually Suggestive: No Size: SSS Obscene Picture: No Brand Name: orissi Origin: Mainland China Number of Pieces: One Unit

Metal Hollow Butt Plug Enema For Anus Flushing Speculum Dilatador

Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Size: Anal speculum Model Number: Butt Plug Material: Aluminum Alloy Brand Name: OSEDA Origin: Mainland China Hollow Anal Plug beads Metal

Peep Hollow Anal Plug Enema Anal Expander BDSM Sex Toy For Men

  Model Number: cr012567 Item Type: ANAL PLUG Material: TPE Size: SMLXL Obscene Picture: No Brand Name: FXINBA Origin: Mainland China Number of Pieces: One Unit Color: Transparent purple,

Hollow Metal Butt Plug Anal Dilator Douche Enema Syringe

Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Size: S,M,L Model Number: 22706 Material: Metal Brand Name: OLO Origin: Mainland China Item Type: Anal Sex Toys Number of Pieces: One Unit

Wearable Anal Plug Speculum For Men Women Soft Ass Plug

  Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Material: Silicone Brand Name: Adult Diary Origin: Mainland China Item Type: Anal Sex Toys Number of Pieces: One Unit Function

Hollow butt plug is just as popular, but with only one modification, this upgraded version is ruling the market. Try the best hollow butt plug today. But what’s the rush? Take a moment to read all about this new kinky toy that is waiting to be added to your collection.

The special thing about hollow butt plugs is that they are very versatile, this one is not only for pleasure but also has practical value as one of the erotic items.

A hollow butt plug is a regular plug, but with an empty center. Now you may think that you have a hollow butt plug is enough. Let us tell you that this one is completely different from your regular anal plug and if you miss out on that experience, you will never know what is better than a hollow butt plug!

When it comes to knowing which hollow butt plug to buy, as with any anal toy, you have to remember to start small and use plenty of anal lube. Some of these hollow butt plugs are quite a challenge, so if you’re a complete beginner then you’re probably best to start with something small like a tail plug and work your way up.

Then again, if you’re willing to take your time, there’s nothing that says you can’t dive into the deep end ……

The practice of anal sex has long since ceased to be considered taboo. And, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced person, careful selection of models is crucial to having more fun and being safe. Below we provide you with some basic features and criteria to consider before choosing a hollow butt plug.

What Is a Hollow Butt Plug

The hollow butt plug differs from the classic anal plug in that it has a tunnel that goes straight through the hollow anal plug. Due to the hollow, it provides extra stimulation and is a great toy for solo play or couples’ parties.

Thanks to the extra suction, this hole in the middle provides a tantalizing sensation. It can even be worn in your underwear in public, just like the classic butt plug.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Hollow Butt Plug


For erotic products, it is important to choose the right material. Erotic toys like hollow anal plugs should be inserted into your body, and with substandard or toxic materials, they can cause allergies or more serious consequences…


Silicone is considered to be one of the best materials for making erotic toys, and all high-end hollow butt plugs are made from silicone because it is hypoallergenic, but if you are allergic to silicone, stay away from it.

Silicone hollow butt plug is also phthalate-free, which is an advantage because phthalates can cause considerable damage to your body.

Metal or glass

These are non-porous materials, which means they are the least likely to attract harmful bacteria. They can also be cleaned with regular soap, but the smell may stubbornly remain on the metal hollow butt plugs. Thorough cleaning is important for both of these materials.


IPX7 erotic toys are the most waterproof erotic toys. Models made of silicone are the most waterproof, but clean them effortlessly. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also flexible and non-porous. These qualities ensure that they are easy to clean and clean, can be submerged in water, and are less attractive to bacteria and infection. Thankfully, all of the recommended models in our review of the best hollow butt plug toys are completely waterproof. Therefore, this should not be a problem.


The circumference of the hollow butt plug depends on whether you are a professional or a beginner, and the circumference of the hollow butt plug for beginners is smaller than the one designed by professionals. You have to start with thinner ones and work your way up.

The ideal width for beginners is between 4 and 6 inches in circumference. Professionals can measure up to 8 inches.

Length and insertable length

Hollow butt plugs are made up of three different sized sections, be sure to check the dimensions of each section and the whole before you buy.

The maximum insertable length of the hollow butt plug is about 4.5 inches, which is best for pros, but if you’re a beginner, try sticking to 3 inches.


Flexibility depends on the material used to make the hollow anal toy. Toys made of silicone are very flexible and give a soft feel, while metal butt plugs and glass butt plugs are very strong in construction.


Clear glass hollow butt plugs are popular because they allow you to look inside the anus as you enter and exit. This visual arousal makes the session more intense and some people find hollow butt plugs very appealing. There are black hollow butt plugs, and these are for those who are looking for functionality only and are less focused on visual stimulation. However, the black hollow butt plugs are attractive and may be a good addition to a black toy collection


As we also mentioned earlier in the article, safety is absolutely important for hollow butt plugs. You can ensure safety by purchasing the right materials. Stay away from substances like latex and PVC. The best hollow butt plug is the one that it is made of silicone because it is the safest material.

In terms of form, a hollow butt plug with holes is essentially the same as a regular plug. Choose a flared base so that you do not have to face the ugly situation of a hollow butt plug stuck in the anal cavity.

What Should I Use a Hollow Butt Plug for?

Then how to use a hollow butt plug? Anal sex is so fulfilling that sometimes you just need to turn it up a notch to feel intense sensations immediately. However, sphincters are stiff and take a lot of time to stretch. Even when stretched, they still make it challenging to enjoy the fast and deep strokes that make training hot and heavy.

This is where the hollow butt plugs come into play. Also known as anal stretchers, these hollow butt plugs are the perfect companion for deep anal penetration. The hollow butt plugs keep the anal opening open during the entire session. This ensures that your sphincter will not close even with the most strenuous movements.

Insertion and removal of Hollow Butt Plug

Different hollow butt plugs have different tip designs, and the design of the tip determines how easy it is to insert the hollow butt plug into the anus. For glass butt plugs, good stretching ability is required because the toy has a flat, rounded tip. For silicone hollow butt plugs, there are two distinct tip designs, one to match the glass hollow butt plug and the other to make insertion easier. The tip is divided into two parts, with the sides flexible enough to be pushed together. The two parts form a tapered tip for easy insertion. Once in, the tips open again with each tip resting on either side.

In Conslusion

The new ass tunnel is available in medium and large sizes, so grab the lube and get ready for the ride of your life!

This is the coolest hollow butt plug innovation on the gay sex toy market. The Ass Tunnel offers a satisfying ass stretch, but the open tunnel means your partner can see all the way through the hollow butt plug.

Use your imagination to your heart’s content, or easily insert a finger or lube directly into the butt plug. Check out the various butt tunnels available in hollow butt plugs.

The hollow butt plug is used in exactly the same way as the butt plug. Remove the lube and apply a generous dollop to your anus and butt plug, then place the tip at the anal opening and gently insert it. The most tip of the hollow butt plug enters you.