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PU Leather Butt Plug Harnesses With Cock Ring Male Chastity Belt

  Sexually Suggestive: No Obscene Picture: No Size: Free Size Model Number: SL00254_1056 Material: Silicone Brand Name: Adaner Origin: Mainland China Item Type: Anal Sex Toys Number of

The butt plug harness is a sex safety mechanism that consists of four parts: plug, belt, restrictor, and ring. The butt plug harness is the special device that is placed inside the anus, while the girdle is the part that secures it to the buttocks, the restrictor is used to control its security, and the loop is used to support it and make it more secure.

This butt plug harness has brought exciting sex experience to many sex fantasists, it can give you a sense of security, and let you realize your dreams personally. It helps lovers who want to play sex in different positions, allowing them to realize their dreams safely and preciously.

In addition, such butt plug harnesses are also helpful for those who wish to prolong the duration of sex. Butt clamps can reduce muscle tension, such as prolonging the penile erection time, and effectively inhibit the gradual leakage of sperm. In addition, it can increase the stimulation of the recipient, making sex better.

Butt plug harnesses help the lover relax more easily, reduce muscle tension in the skin, and also increase blood flow to the sex organs, allowing the recipient to experience more emotion.

Plus, it can help improve the safety of co-ed experiences, as it can help lovers effectively manage sexual assault and unintended sex, and avoid walking into dangerous areas.

Therefore, the butt plug harness is not only a sex safety mechanism, but also a powerful auxiliary tool for the sex organ, which can bring strong emotional experience to lovers. It can stimulate your pleasure while keeping you safe and satisfying your sexual desire.