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Top Quality Glass Dildo Butt Plug With Flower Shape Vaginal Anal Plug

Specifications: Name: glass butt plug Material: Glass Length: As the pic shows Size: As the pic shows Color: Pyrex Glass

Pink Crystal Glass Anal Plug Anus Sex Toy Foor Adult Masturbation

Specifications: Name: glass butt plug Material: Glass Length: As the pic shows Size: As the pic shows Color: Pink Weight:

Luminous Glass Butt Plug For Women Men Couples Anal Sex Toy

Specifications: Name: glass butt plug Material: Glass Length: As the pic shows Size: As the pic shows Color: Transparent Weight:

Premium Glass Anal Plug For Anal Stimulation Glass Sex Toy

Specifications: Name: glass butt plug Material: Glass Length: 99mm Size: As the pic shows Color: Transparent Package: 1 X glass

New Arrival Yellow Glass Butt Plug For Women Men Ass Sex Toy

Glass butt plugs are a stylish and exciting alternative sex accessory that provide tons of stimulation and pleasure. This impossibly

Clear Glass Penis Dildo Butt Plug For Adults Men Women Using

Glass is a very distinctive material that perfectly meets the user’s demands for detail, quality and safety. With its alluring

Clear Pure Glass Anal Plug Sex Toy For Woman Lesbian G SPOT Squirt

The crystal-clear glass butt plugs have many different functions, which can provide the perfect stimulation and subtle erotic experience. Their

3 Sizes Clear Glass Butt Plug Anal Masturbators Flirting Anal Sex Toy

The glass butt plug, which is a cute variation of the butt plug, makes the perfect dip for some anal

Crystal Glass Anal Plug Sex Toy For Woman Men G SPOT Stimulation Toy

This glass butt plug is a premium sex toy that will add to the fun of intercourse. It has a

Crystal Glass Anal Plug For Vaginal Anus Stimulation Adult Sex Toy

Glass butt plugs are sexy and exotic sex toys that are loved by sex lovers all over the world. Made

Crystal Butt Plug For Anus Vagina Ball Pyrex Glass Anal Beads Adult Sex Toys

This glass butt plug is a dummy tail insert made of glass. It is made of safety glass and is

Clear Butt Plug Erotic Fetish Anal Sex Toy For G Spot Masturbation

The glass butt plug is a very unique masturbation tool that can help meet your masturbation or sex needs. They

Top Quality Glass Anal Plug Open Expander Dildo Prostate Massager For Sex Love

This glass butt plug is one of the best for stimulating sensitive areas of the body and for a total

Crystal Butt Plug Vagina Ball Pyrex Glass Anal Dildo Beads For Adults

The glass butt plug is a sex toy that uses soft firm material and fixed temperature to bring new sexy

Pink Glass Anal Plug For Adult Men Women Butt Plug Sex Toys

A glass butt plug, also known as a glass butt plug, is a sex toy made of glass that can

Clear Butt Plug Anal Dilator For Adult Men Women Vaginal Expander Sex Toy

Glass plugs are an elegant and alluring sex toy, simple yet visually stimulating, ideal for topical use or safe insertion.

Premium Candiway Different Types Medical Grade Crystal Clear Glass Butt Plug

A glass butt plug is a sex device that has a different design than regular anal plugs, and its characteristics

Clear Heart Design Glass Butt Plug Anal Sex Toy For Ass Masturbation

Glass butt plugs are an interesting new accessory in sex that may just as well be a pleasurable and extraordinary

Crystal Glass Anal Plug For Anal Masturbation Anal Sex Toy

The glass butt plug is a very symbolic sex toy, which is characterized by its glass material, which is very

Cute Pink Candiway Exquisite Crystal Glass Anal Plug For Adult Ass Masturbation

Sese is not only a must-have item for comfort furniture, it can also be used as a deadly sex toy

Clear Pyrex Crystal Glass Butt Plug For Woman Vagina Anal Plug Sex Toy

Glass butt plugs are a special service. It has a unique look and design to meet the needs of any

Clear Glass Butt Plug Hollow Transparent Anal Plug For P-Spot Stimulation

A glass butt plug is a very effective sexual protection. The basic design of this utensil is a cylindrical base

3 Styles Smooth Glass Butt Plug For Beginner Men Women Anal Sex Toy

Glass butt plug is a device with a gorgeous appearance and a unique style. It is very resistant to high

Premium Transparent Glass Butt Plug Anal Balls Dilators Sex Toy For Adults

First, the glass butt plug is a versatile safety plug most commonly used for anal stimulation. It’s unbelievably good looking,

Clear Premium Glass Anal Plug For Women Men Butt Plug Adult Sex Toy

The Glass Butt Plug is an erotic device for beginners and professional users alike to satisfy their desires and stimulate

Pink Crystal Glass Anal Plug For Adult Men Women Butt Plug Sex Toy

Glass butt plug is a special type of butt plug, the main material is glass. As a safe and durable

Crystal Glass Anal Beads Butt Plug Anal Sex Toys For Ass Orgasm Love

The glass plug is an aesthetically pleasing sexual peripheral device that is applied to the buttocks. It’s made of hard,

Glass Artificial Crystal Anal Bead Butt Plug For Prostate Massage Sex Toy

Glass butt plugs can bring different levels of stimulation, freshness and pleasure to your sexual activity. Since they’re made of

Clear Butt Plug For G-spot Massage Pull Beads Anal Plug Sex Toy

Glass butt plugs are a fun sex prop for all experience levels. Made of safe, hard-wearing glass, it’s stunning while

Premium Clear Anal Plug Crystal Glass Butt Plug For Anus Vagina Dilator

Simple and practical, this glass butt plug can be used in variety games and can greatly enhance your sexual experience.

Although some people may not be interested in anal sex, usually they tend not to be keen on the anal part. With this in mind, glass butt plugs were introduced. These are intended to be used as a means of preparation leading to anal sex, or they can be left in place to receive additional stimulation while playing solo or with a partner. Pure entertainment!

While glass is the two main materials used to make glass butt plugs, why would anyone choose one made of glass? Well, glass butt plugs combine an aesthetically pleasing toy with something that is also very functional and enjoyable. Glass is actually smoother than silicone, so they can be better used in a variety of areas, from insertion to how they move around inside the rectum.

Glass butt plugs are not only clear; they can come in a variety of colors, which makes them look more like decorative items than adult toys. This is also a great benefit of discretion.

This type is by far the most popular for vaginal and anal use, respectively, although some novices prefer the probe type dildos. Some people see the use of large anal toys as a conquest or a rivalry. If you are interested in getting the most out of anal play, take a look at the ultimate information on anal intercourse. Start with a small, clean the glass butt plugs – pick the smallest one from your assortment. You may even need to use your fingers to relax and loosen the anus and insert the toy as quickly as possible. Make sure the toy has a good base; it won’t be fun if you lose it.

How to Choose a Glass Anal Plug

There are a large number of glass butt plugs available for any user, which can be daunting at first. Due to the neck of the glass butt plug, and how thin it can be, the selection of smaller glass butt plugs may be smaller, but there are still options, you just have to shop around.

It is also the opinion of glass butt plug users that bigger is more beneficial. While this does not mean that you should immediately choose a larger one, you do need one that meets your requirements.

For any glass butt plug, size is always the most important factor. Even though glass is one of the smoothest materials, that doesn’t mean you can fit a larger glass in your anus if it doesn’t fit that size.

When looking at glass butt plug sizes, please consider the following.

1. For beginners or inexperienced people, start with the smaller circumference and length
2. For partners, be sure to talk about it. This is crucial if you are buying it to use it on them
3. Never use only online reviews as a guide. Not everyone is the same, and what fits them may be terrible for you
4. Buy a few sizes and start with the smallest to practice and you will soon know which one fits you
5. No matter which design you use in your glass butt plugs, they will always have a smooth, crisp curve. Even things like bubbles or nodules will be smooth, with no rough edges. Glass is a great material for making the glass butt plugs.

The circumference is a crucial consideration as this is the size that the anus needs to cope with. The neck of a glass butt plug may be slightly thicker than other materials, or it may end up like the stem of a wine glass. The circumference can start at about 1 inch and go all the way up to 3 or 4 inches and beyond.

If you like the idea of colored glass butt plugs, you may find that design options are limited. Not all designs are available in colored glass. However, there are blue or pink glass butt plugs, and some even have clear bodies with colored glass for decorative purposes only. Bases also need to be considered, and while round or anchor types are two of the more common, there are some with floral patterns as bases.

Types of Glass Butt Plugs

Glass butt plugs come in a myriad of designs and sizes. However, for safety reasons, you will find that these tend to be medium to large sizes.
Clear Glass butt plugs – These clear glass butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, but they are usually more bulbous in shape and they are intended to give any viewer the opportunity to see their partner’s anus while wearing the glass butt plug.

Large Glass butt Plugs – These glass plates are for more advanced users. They can come with a thin tapered tip, or they may come with a more rounded option to provide maximum force during insertion.

Small Glass butt Plugs – These glass butt plugs are very strong and can be worn for long periods of time.

Beaded Glass Docking Plugs – They are similar to anal beads, but much shorter in length. The widest part of the glass butt plug will consist of multiple bulbs. This can produce a burst of stimulation when they are inserted or removed.

Glass butt Plugs with Tails – These glass butt plugs are an ideal way to add some spice or a twist to any location they are used. You can wander around with soft fur brushed legs, or let your partner’s animal-like instincts take over. Pet role-playing has never been so much fun!

Twisted Glass butt Plugs – No one ever said that glass butt plugs could only be one shape and smooth. Twisted glass butt plugs can add even more stimulation as they twist inside you.

Which Glass Butt Plugs Is Better for You

Glass butt plugs are made from one of the safest materials available. They are non-porous, so they can be used in wet or dry conditions without having to worry about their insides getting wet.

Glass butt plugs are super easy to clean and do not allow any bacteria to enter the surface.

In use, many users find glass to be more beneficial due to its smooth lines. They can be inserted more easily and once fully inserted, they provide the strength of a metal butt plug. Depending on the size of the glass butt plug, glass can also be a very heavy material. While not as heavy as stainless steel, they can provide some weight by pulling the anal edge down to provide other unique sensations.

Small glass butt plugs are great for wearing under clothing, especially when worn for extended periods of time. Underwear or thicker materials (such as denim) will not scratch the surface.

Glass butt plugs can be found to be more comfortable as they warm up inside the body, plus (when they move) they tend to slide more across the rectal wall rather than sliding.

A final benefit is the strength of the stimulation; they are as hard as steel, and for users who find silicone too soft, glass butt plugs may be the ideal way to provide prostate stimulation for men.

How to Use your Glass Plugs Safely

Everyone and their brother claims to be making/selling high quality glass butt plugs; they may tout brand names like Pyrex, or ditch the word “borosilicate” as if these words automatically mean quality. When we know how shady many erotic companies can be, and how they can say whatever they want about their glass butt plugs without needing to be truthful in their advertising, it’s natural to wonder about the true safety of glass erotica. I’m always looking for new ways to test the quality, materials and relative safety of sex toys at home. Since one of the few things I could do was burn to see if it was silicone, we can call them silicone butt plugs, I never thought I could test a glass sex toy at home until Crystal Delights talked about using polarized lenses in glass on some pieces of glass that show pressure.

While glass butt plugs are safe, the type of glass used in their construction varies. This is one of the more important safety considerations, and it can also influence your buying decision.

There are two types of glass used in the construction of glass butt plugs. They are borosilicate and heat resistant glass. Pyrex is not actually a type of glass, it is a brand name, but unfortunately, not all Pyrex glass is the same.

In Europe, Pyrex is made from borosilicate glass, but in the United States, it is soda lime glass that is used to make Pyrex, which does not hold up as well as European made Pyrex. Many glass butt plugs are marketed as Pyrex, but that doesn’t amount to much when you look at the differences in glass composition.

When checking the type of glass, you need to make sure it is borosilicate glass and then you will know that it can withstand boiling when sterilized.

Another important safety issue is the neck of the glass butt plug, regardless of the glass type, this is the weak point and it becomes weak and breaks when used repeatedly. Therefore, this is the reason why glass butt plugs are more frequently located on the larger side. In fact, many large butt plugs are made of glass.

Tinted glass is not always tinted glass, and lesser known manufacturers actually use other methods to coat the glass to give it color. These can be toxic and you can find this out as they will eventually disappear. Glass decoration can be the same, if you choose to decorate the glass butt plug, make sure there is any decoration on the inside of the glass and that there are no signs of pieces sticking together.

How to Clean Your Glass Butt Plugs

If you have a glass butt plug and it is made of the right type of glass, it will be very durable and will provide years of service. One thing to keep in mind: if you drop your glass stopper, or if it slips through your fingers (when inserted or removed from the anus), be sure to check it thoroughly for any signs of cracks or splinters. If it is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one.

After use, the glass butt plug can be wiped with a damp paper towel and then thoroughly cleaned. If you have any beaded types, be sure to check each dent to make sure there is no stuck feces in the corners.

After washing with warm water and antibacterial soap (being careful not to drop your glass butt plug), you can boil it in hot water. This is why it is essential to choose borosilicate (European heat resistant glass) glass, as it can withstand high temperatures. In addition, you can sterilize it in the dishwasher on the top shelf.

After that, dry it and put it in the original packaging. This should be the protective bag provided by the manufacturer. After this, you can store them in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use the glass stopper again.


Glass butt plugs combine sexual pleasure with a beautiful visual design. Plus, they offer a completely unique sensation compared to other anal toys, and more!

Erotic toys made of glass are not fragile at all. They are made of borosilicate or heat resistant glass. This material uses boron trioxide and silicon dioxide to form shock resistant glass. It is also one of the best materials for human safety. Pyrex glass butt plugs are non-porous. They are completely resistant to bacteria.

Borosilicate glass is clear and smooth. However, it can come in a variety of unusual colors. Some of the most popular colors of glass plugs are pink, purple, light blue and black. Others can mix several different colors together and add other features such as sparkle.

Because glass can be shaped in many ways, you will find a large number of glass butt plugs with unique features and designs. Some resemble standard plugs. Others will offer completely special shapes. Plus, the designs are so elegant that you can proudly display the glass plugs as art deco in your home!

As mentioned earlier, glass toys are non-porous and they use some of the smoothest materials available on the sex toy market. Compared to silicone or steel toys, these glass butt plugs are much smoother. This affects the way you insert the toys and the way they move when they are inside you.

In addition, the smooth texture makes them ideal for beginners and intermediate anal enthusiasts. If you are just starting to explore your asshole, the smooth and wide curve of the glass plugs will immediately feel good. They will eliminate discomfort and offer very little resistance.