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Stainless Steel Locking Butt Plug Chastity Lock Chastity Panties Belt

Description Material:Stainless steelThe waist can be adjusted in the range of 60cm-118cmpackage includes:1 Chastity Panties Material:Stainless steel The waist can

If you want to have the chastity and butt plugs simultaneously, then you can consider buying a locking butt plug. In this collection, we have collected a wide range of locking butt plugs for you to choose from. These locking butt plugs will always make your sex play come to the next level. You can use the locking butt plugs for multiple purposes, just like tease play and BDSM play.

Our locking butt plugs collection has collected a wide range of lock butt plugs, and they are unique and multi-functional. You can use these anal sex toys as chastity devices as well if you are a chastity lover. If you have ever bought the locking butt plugs, then you would know that there is a lock on the locking butt plugs, so that it can help you restrict your fantasy. For the butt plugs, are easy to be inserted into your anus and can be placed for a long time. There are different types, sizes, and materials of locking butt plugs, what you need to do is find the best one for you to use in your sex time. In addition, if you are dominant in the BDSM game, you can buy one and lock your slave and make him or her loyal to you all the time.

There is no need to worry about the safety problem when you wear the locking butt plugs because they will always make you have a secure feeling when you wear the locking butt plugs. Of course, you had better choose the high quality locking butt plugs to bring you more sex pleasure. There are different kinds of materials for the locking butt plugs, just like stainless steel, silicone, plastic, and so on. If you buy the locking butt plugs in this store, then you can never need to worry about the quality problem. All locking butt plugs will not come into the market until they go through the quality test. In addition, the material adds a tingling sensation that runs up your body. If you choose the metal butt plugs, then it will also bring you a weighty feeling in your anus.

No matter whether you have used the locking butt plugs or not, then you had better choose to use some lube before you insert the locking butt plygs into your anus in case it will bring you a discomfort feeling. At the same time, if you are a novice, then you had better use as much as possible lube in case it will harm your anus. Applying the lube, it can also make you insert the locking butt plug more easily. In addition, it can help you throughout the lock play. The right kind of lube can also keep your toy in great condition. Now, you can try to find one locking butt plug and enjoy your anus fun.

On the flip side, some locking butt plugs come with a rubber ring to keep the three steel petals in place while it expands inside your anus. You can find different kinds of modules where a ring is attached to the base of the plug and is used to twist to open the prongs. After everything is done, it is time to place a lock on the hole at the base.

When you buy and start to use the locking butt plugs, there are many plays for you to enjoy. For example, you can give your key to your friend and let him store it for you. So you can start to give yourself the challenge to see how many days you can insist. Or if you are a slave in the BDSM game, you can be loyal to your master.

After using the locking butt plugs, then you need to wash them using
warm water and mild soap in case there is any dirt or bacteria. In addition, please remember to dry and place them in a cool place and avoid the sunlight.