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Butt plugs are a very popular sex toy, especially among the LGBTQ+ community. It contributes to erotic stimulation, while also

When choosing a princess butt plug, this process is usually taken into account more than other anal sex toys. If there is any toy where everything has to be perfect for physical and mental comfort, then this is the one that will fit snugly in your rear end.

For this reason, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different shapes, sizes, materials, colors or any other different princess butt plugs that can be customized. So any brave man or woman who wants to find their glass slipper just needs to take the time to look around and see what’s out there.

For those who want safety, easy cleaning, and a little decorative style, a whole subcategory of princess butt plugs exists. These princess butt plugs are called princess plugs, and there are plenty of people waiting to find their forever homes.

What Is a Princess Plug?

Before we dive into what exactly a princess plug is, let’s review a little bit what a princess butt plug itself is. A princess butt plugs is usually a teardrop-shaped sex toy designed to be placed inside the anus for sexual Pleasure. Anyone of any biological sex can take advantage of the sensitive nerves within the stimulated anal cavity, and some people will wear the princess butt plugs for long periods of time because they enjoy the sensation so much. Men can even get a little extra benefit from butt plugs that come in almost any shape and are made of almost any material.

Difference Between Butt Plugs and Princess Butt Plugs?

Princess plugs are butt plugs made of metal (mostly stainless steel) and almost always have the common doorknob/teardrop shape with a nice crystal/jewel on the end. As such, they are sometimes referred to as crystal plugs or jeweled plugs because some people find the term princess plug a bit too gendered. Since there is no real central classification organization for sex toys, some people even say that any princess butt plugs end with crystals is a princess plug, regardless of material.

How to Choose Your Princess Plug?

Because of the special construction of princess plugs, I thought it would be worth mentioning a few tips so that everyone can get the most out of their experience. After all, they are called princess plugs, so be sure to give yourself the royal treatment.

These princess butt plugs are probably the easiest to clean and sanitize because they are non-porous and will stand up to even the roughest soaps and cleaning supplies, so there is no reason not to scrub the princess butt plugs well and dry them quickly after each use and every use.

Since they are made of metal, I definitely recommend using a silicone-based lube with these types of princess butt plugs. Silicone-based lube has the smoothest and longest life between applications of any lube subtype, making it ideal for anal play. For those interested, be sure to check out our list of valuable anal lubricants.

Make the most of the weight of the princess butt plugs. Women can position themselves so that the shared wall between the anus and vagina exerts pressure in all the right ways during PIV intercourse. On the other hand, men can get great service by changing positions with the weight of the princess butt plugs toward the front of the body, so the prostate is slightly tickled with each thrust.

What Makes Princess Plugs Unique?

Since Princess butt plugs are usually made of stainless steel, this makes them one of the safest toys on the market. And they are body safe so you don’t have to worry about problems or allergies.

Steel is a non-porous material, which means there aren’t any tiny holes or gaps in the princess butt plug’s surface, so you can easily clean them with water and you can use any product you like.

You can also use any lubricant, as steel is compatible with just about anything.

Metal anal toys are also great for playing temperature games. For this type of activity, you can heat or cool the toy to provide additional stimulation to your anus. Naturally, you would not put the princess butt plug in the oven for safety reasons. But even if you do, nothing will happen to the princess butt plugs.

Princess plugs are versatile and steel is one of the best erotic toy materials you can find on the market, especially online. Unfortunately, despite the superior quality of the princess butt plug, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for any experience level. Some may find it less comfortable to wear than silicone plugs.

Similar to glass toys, princess plugs are unisex and can be used by anyone. Many people think that only women have princess butt plugs, but the opposite is true. For example, the princess butt plugs can also act as a prostate massager, providing a different and unique type of sensation.

Finally, the jewelry can be beautiful and it will make you feel like a princess. Although its design is similar to other types of plugs, there is something special and unique about this model. It will allow you to experience anal sex like never before.


You can also find princess butt plugs for all beginners. Some people may say that princess butt plugs are more like accessories or butt accessories than sex toys, and they may be right. But if you don’t think the toy does anything, you can always get a bigger one.

The wonderful thing about butt jewelry is that it gives a royal look, looks sophisticated, and can even be worn during intercourse. Many people have a kink with princesses, and you can always try to role play while wearing a toy. Agony, lock a tower and she has a precious jewel in her ass!

If you like to play with anal sex, you’ve probably had experience with princess butt plug. But even if you haven’t, it’s not too late to start. The Princess Plug is a great toy for those looking for something more, always with a taste for luxury.

The princess butt plugs are usually made of stainless steel with jeweled bases, and while other materials are available, they are not as common as steel models.

Princess butt plugs are fun, unique, and perfect for those who want to be pampered like a little noble lady!