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High Quality Anal Plug Pull Beads For Male Female Masturbation

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7.48in Small Five Beads Alternative Toy Super Thick Pull Bead Anal Plug

With this versatile multi-directional product, you will experience pure pleasure in a bendable, flexible form. The product you receive with

Anal beads are hot sale in this collection. It may seem a little scary that someone might put something on your butt. If you’re willing to try it but are a little scared, the best anal beads can help ease that fear. Anal beads are one of the most popular sex toys and provide a unique pleasure every time people try them. Obviously, your partner may want to try anal sex in the future. This may seem a little intimidating, but don’t worry. Before you start, you can use anal beads as practice for anal sex. It will allow you to reveal the true pleasures of anal sex before giving your partner a green signal. This is why it is a special sex toy for everyone who is willing to try anal next time.

Although anal beads provide a lot of fun during anal simulation, they can become contaminated when you put them in your buttocks. If used without cleaning, they can cause normal to serious STDs. Therefore, you should pay attention to this beginner’s guide to anal beads to learn how to use it properly.

You may be using anal beads for the first time. This may seem a little intimidating, but there is no need to worry. You are introducing yourself to a unique sensation that many women enjoy. Many users consider anal beads to be an internal massager that smoothly rubs the anal canal and creates a unique sensation around the sphincter.

The design and use of anal beads has not changed over the years. People use it in the same way as they did in the past. However, there are some things you must consider before using anal beads to avoid pain and to feel comfortable. Choose anal beads made of more hygienic materials than those used in the past.

Should You Be Concerned About Health and Safety for Anal Beads?

You must know what anal beads are in order to know if you should be worried about your health. You can buy two types of anal beads on the market, one where all the anal beads are attached to a handle or ring, and another where the anal beads are attached to a string. Both types of anal beads have toys where the anal beads increase in size towards the base ring or handle.

If it is your first time and you are worried about your health, do not buy anal beads with cotton strings. It is simply not possible to remove all the bacteria from the cotton thread, so reusing and storing such sex toys in your room can be risky. You should buy the latest design of anal beads made of non-porous material. You can easily clean the anal beads and the base and then use them again and again without worrying about health issues.

If you use anal beads that are attached through cotton thread, you may have health problems because the thread may break. The anal beads must be attached through a more durable material so that you can easily push and pull them from the buttocks. For this reason, anal beads made of silicone are more popular because these sex toys are safer than older versions.

How Do Anal Beads Work?

Learning how to enjoy anal sex with anal beads is not too complicated. You just need to follow the tips given below and you will be ready to enjoy some exciting erotic moments with anal beads.

Use Lubrication

This should be your first step, even if your anal beads are made of the smoothest material. There are a variety of lubricants on the market for sexual activity. You can easily find quality lubricants that will make it easier and more enjoyable to use your anal beads to simulate anal sex.

One thing you should know is that the anal canal does not lubricate itself. If you put an unlubricated object in there, it may cause too much traction and you may feel a lot of pain. Once through the sphincter, the anal bead should slide easily and for this reason, you must apply a good quality lubricant to the anal bead. This is how you can enjoy a safer anal simulation.

You can use a lube tube applicator to apply a good quality lubricant to your anal beads. This lube applicator will spread the lube around the anal bead and then you can continue. One important point is that you should not use a thinner lube on your anal beads. Companies make water-based lubricants that are thinner, but perfect for simulating vaginal sex. You should prefer to use a thicker oil-based or silicone-based lubricant. Thicker erotic lubricants allow you to feel comfortable and enjoy using erotic toys for longer. So, follow this tip and use a perfectly lubricated sex toy.

Remove Slowly

Don’t rush when using anal beads. You should enjoy your time with this special sex toy and when you are done, you should slowly remove each anal bead. Do not pop them all out at once. Anal beads include several different sized anal beads because they are designed to provide fun with different sized things. So, put them in slowly, take them off slowly and enjoy your time.

This is how you should use anal beads to prevent unnecessary risks. If you get rough, it can cause some pain and then health problems. Beware of these things and follow the instructions above. Of course , most butt plugs also should be used liek this.

Do Not Put All the Anal Beads Together

When you apply some lube and put some anal beads on your butt, it will hurt a little and then it will feel good. It may encourage you to go further and get some rough enjoyment. You should never do this because then you might hurt the lining of the anal canal. You should take your time at first and enjoy the sensation of each anal bead. Place one anal bead at a time and move it back and forth to feel comfortable.

The anal beads are designed to allow the user to experience the true pleasure of anal sex. Some users will feel comfortable putting smaller-sized anal beads in their buttocks and as they begin to enjoy the act they will choose to put in larger sized anal beads. That’s how it works, and that’s how you should try this toy.

Which Type of Anal Beads Are Best?

Basically, there are two types of anal beads, those made of porous material and those made of non-porous material. If you choose to use anal beads made of porous materials, anal beads made of jelly, rubber, or latex can be a bit dangerous to your health. These anal beads contain a lot of bacteria and cleaning them becomes a very daunting task. Bacteria and germs enter the pores that antibacterial cleaners cannot reach for cleaning.

Anal beads made from non-porous materials such as steel, silicone and glass are so easy to clean that you don’t need to use any tough cleaning strategies to clean them. This is why it is a good idea to use anal beads made of non-porous materials.


It is possible that you have not put anything in your butt before. Your partner may have indicated that he would like to try anal next time, which can be a little intimidating, but anal beads can help. Of course, it can be a bit daunting to try it in front of someone who is eager to insert his penis into your ass. Therefore, you should first use the anal beads alone.

This sex toy will help you relieve a great deal of stress and experience the pleasure of anal sex. Place the first anal bead into your buttocks and apply some lubricant, then show how it feels. You should take your time and practice with the first anal bead for longer to determine if you are comfortable with anal sex. When you start to feel comfortable, you can push this sex toy further into your buttocks.

This is how you should use the anal beads rather than other anal sex toys. You can easily find anal beads online at sex toy stores. Choose a reliable store and pick the best anal beads that won’t cause too much discomfort. This is how your first anal sex will be more enjoyable than you think. Anal beads will definitely play a major role in keeping you calm and confident.