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10.47in Long Butt Plug With Sucker Anal Bead Anal Sex Toy

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Four Sizes G Spot Stimulation Butt Plug For Anus Orgasm

Specifications: Name: Butt plug Material: Silicone Size: As the pic shows Color: flesh Weight: 185g, 455g, 905g, 1600g Package: 1

Missile Three-color Silicone Dragon Egg Male Female Anal Plug

A butt plug is a sex toy designed after the human body. It is usually shaped like a carrot with

Top Quality Mini Butt Plug SM Odd Sex Toy For Anal Stimulation

Butt plugs are specialized sex toys that feature stability after insertion and help increase sexual satisfaction. Butt plugs come in

4.33in Mini Anal Plug For Anal Orgasm Adult Sex Toy

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Specifications: Name: Butt plug Material: Silicone Size: As the pic shows Color: black, golden, jade Weight: 145g, 345g, 665g, 1000g

9.05in Anal Plug Penis SM Adult Toy For Men Masturbation

Butt Plug is a kind of sex product. It looks like a fruit, showing a slightly larger oval shape. The

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A butt plug can be considered a sex object that looks like a bear and has a soft silicone shell

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Butt plugs, also known as butt plugs and anal plugs, are sex products that provide sexual pleasure in a vibrating,

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Well, they are butt plugs designed to be inserted into the anus for sexual gratification. Butt Plugs come in all shapes and sizes, but the universal purpose is to allow them to be inserted into the asshole for different sensations and hopefully pleasure!

Despite the history and social stigma surrounding men and anal play by using the butt plugs, it really is something that any man can enjoy! In fact, men have a slight advantage over women when it comes to their asses.

This is all thanks to a little thing called the prostate gland ……

Located between the penis and the bladder, the male prostate gland plays a vital role in the health of the body. However, one of the most overlooked functions is that of a sexual organ.

When stimulated by using butt plugs, the prostate gland produces some of the most intense and pleasurable sensations a man can have. The best way to do this is through anal stimulation!

Sometimes butt plugs are used as a precursor to anal sex because they are smaller than a regular penis and therefore help to insert easily into the anus. Anal plugs usually have a narrow tip that widens from the middle to the end. They usually have a slender neck that can be comfortably removed, and a flared bottom to prevent losing the butt plug in unpleasant places. Many types of butt plugs also come with a jeweled base – this type of butt plug is often referred to as a princess plug.

What is a Butt Plug?

Whether you’re a backdoor beginner or a seasoned anal play expert, you’ll love butt plugs. These sex toys are designed to stimulate too many sensual nerve endings in the anal erogenous zone. From small to large and available in a variety of materials, with or without vibration, anal plugs are very popular unisex sex toys for couples or solo play.

But where to start? With so many options in our collection of butt plugs, it can be hard to choose. That’s where our five guides for Friday come in! Featuring the top 5 butt plugs and our best-selling books. Keep reading!

BDSM and Anal Plug Wear

Those who are addicted to BDSM are sometimes asked to wear butt plugs for long periods of time – and if they don’t stick with it, there can be some pretty strong repercussions. This is usually done for control and submission, humiliation and sexual arousal. Those who use BDSM as submissive enjoy the feeling of humiliation while surrendering control of their sexual self to another person.

Wearing a Butt Plug for Anal Training

Anal training is an easy and effective way to prepare for anal sex. Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male, female or non-binary person, it is common to use anal plugs to learn to relax your sphincter, as I have covered extensively in my previous blogs. Thus, anal training is another reason why some people practice wearing butt plugs to work.

Types of Butt Plugs

1. Butt plugs for beginners

Let’s start at the beginning – this is a very good place to start. If you’ve never tried an anal plug before, what should you be looking for? We recommend starting small – you don’t want to use the dreaded master tool for the first time. A small, slim butt plug is the way to go. You’ll need a tapered end for easy insertion and a flared safety base so the toy stays in place. Of course, you will need to use plenty of lube since the anal area will not lubricate itself. Most people who have an uncomfortable anal experience for the first time don’t use lube, or go in too big, too fast, too hard!

2. Vibrating Butt Plugs

If you are looking for an anal toy with a vibrating option, then a vibrating butt plug is for you. Our most popular ones include butt plugs with vibrating bullets that can be removed and used in other sexy areas.

A medium-sized deluxe butt plug with removable vibrating bullets. Use with or without vibration for unparalleled anal pleasure Made of silky smooth silicone with a secure flared base Great anal sex toy for couples. Use with plenty of water-based lubricant.

3. Glass Butt Plugs

Glass sex toys are luxurious and versatile, and glass anal plugs are no exception. Smooth, sensual and durable, they can be used with any type of lubricant (unlike silicone toys which should be used with water-based anal lubricants). Not to mention they are ideal for exploring temperature play by placing them in hot water or the refrigerator for a few minutes for extra stimulating stimulation. Perfect for users with sensitive skin, the glass is hypoallergenic and cleanup is a breeze.

4. Jeweled Butt Plugs

Our large assortment of jeweled butt plugs includes those with luxurious Swarovski crystals.
For a luxurious triple jewel-tipped butt plug, try. A deluxe trio of different sized silicone butt plugs with Swarovski crystals, which makes them look great both inside and out!

5. Prostate Massager

Prostate massage toys are (usually non-vibrating) male toys designed to hit the P-spot or prostate and stimulate it to orgasm. Recommended to be useful for men’s health, prostate milking is a sensual experience alone or with a partner.

Our most popular prostate massage dildos come from Aneros, the brand that started the prostate massage revolution!

6. Tail Plugs

Tail plugs are another exciting way to bring butt plugs into your sex life. They are very popular in the Petplay, DDLG and BDSM communities (learn about DDLG here) They are usually made of faux fur and designed in different animal tail and cat anime styles.

There are many kinds such as rabbits, foxes, dogs, ponies, cats/kittens and more! Tail plugs will help you unleash your inner animal! So, if you don’t like plain old butt plugs, then bundling a super cute plush accessory is just what you need to convince you.

Is It Bad to Wear a Butt Plug for a Long Time?

There are many people who wear butt plugs for long periods of time without any seemingly adverse effects. However, just because a lot of people do it and claim there are no health problems, doesn’t mean it’s okay for everyone.

On the contrary, wearing anal plugs for long periods of time can be dangerous according to Dr. George Forgan-Smith, a gay Melbourne, Australian kink and BDSM friendly doctor, better known as “The Health Bear”.

Dr. Forgan-Smith explains in this YouTube video that wearing an anal plug for more than 20-30 minutes slows blood flow in the rectum because of the constant stretching of the sphincter. As a result, people who use butt plugs for long periods of time may develop anal and rectal ulcers.

Also, because there are no pain receptors in the first few inches of the rectum, wearing a butt plug for hours at a time may cause damage without you feeling it. Therefore, it may be wise to think this through beforehand, or, alternatively, find a butt plug with a smaller neck.

How Does It Heel to Wear a Butt Plug?

Inserting a butt plug is easy, but why bother? When first introduced to anal play, this will be the question most people want answered.

For most of us, our curiosity is based on more than just the urge to stick something up our ass.

Unfortunately, there are many, many negative ideas surrounding anal play, so many potential adopters get shut down before they even get started!

But there’s really no need for that! Most of the things you will feel after using a butt plug are very positive and can lead to some of the most enjoyable sexual experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you still have a butt. You still have the same nerve endings in your sphincter and your anus. Most butt plugs are not specifically designed for men or women.

This means you will still have roughly the same experience when inserting and wearing the butt plug!