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Premium Stainless Steel 7 Holes Enema Anal Douche Shower For Anus

Description Origin : CN(Origin) Obscene Picture : No Sexually Suggestive : No Material : Stainless steel Item Type : Anal

Shower enema is a safe and effective way to cleanse with proven results to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Shower enema is widely used to clean all residues around the anus, including poop and excretion residue, the result can make you feel bright and comfortable, improve immunity and blood circulation, and can improve the health of the system.

Now, there are many different types of shower enema, and you can choose the way that suits you according to your personal health needs and the use of equipment. Traditional shower enema generally uses a wet sponge and a small amount of water, but the modern shower enema method is more advanced, using a water gun and detergent for cleaning, which can clean residual stains more deeply and make the bottom cleaner and healthier.

In addition to daily necessities, shower enema also has some more professional medical applications, such as anorectal treatment, rectal examination and dressings for anorectal surgery. It is particularly prominent in informal medical institutions. When senior medical workers clean the anus in the shower, the temperature, pressure, detergent and agent concentration can be individually set to obtain better cleaning results.

Shower enema has a series of advantages, simple and quick operation, can thoroughly clean the remaining bacteria in the capillaries, effectively reach the deep anal area, cleansing is safe and meticulous, and the cleaning effect is long-lasting. Shower enema can also help discharge Excrement residues or residual toxins, thereby improving circulation and immunity in the body, and improving overall health. Especially after long-term travel or activities, cleaning the anus in the shower can effectively prevent the phenomenon of breeding bacteria, especially, it is more conducive to improving the suspension and dissolution of intestinal bacteria, thereby promoting the excretion function.