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Premium Stainless Steel 7 Holes Enema Anal Douche Shower For Anus

Description Origin : CN(Origin) Obscene Picture : No Sexually Suggestive : No Material : Stainless steel Item Type : Anal

Anal douch is an important instrument specially designed for washing the anus. Its main function is to inject a portion of clean water into the anus to help wipe sanitary products, as well as simple grease and dirty towels, etc. Its appearance is similar to that of a general faucet, but the inside is isolated by a special buffer to prevent the impact damage from the water source, and it will not be disturbed by the outside world during use.

Anal douches consist of two parts: the scrubber and the tank. The irrigators are made of waterproof and durable nylon material and are available in different sizes and heights to suit different anal spaces. It has a flexible water connection that accepts a 2.4m hose, and a switch to control flow and temperature. The anal douches input can be connected to a faucet, toilet, bathroom laundry trough or fitted with an integral side-mounted bathtub for easy connection to the anal douches.

The water tank or rinse tank is an important part that provides the temperature needed for warm water washing, helps define the wash intensity desired by the user, and relieves the inconvenience and urgency of anal douches. If you install it in the bathroom, the water tank can be extended next to the toilet for easy operation and use. In addition, if you want to use the anal douches in the shower, you will need a washing rack integrated into the pipeline, which can store multiple cleaning products. At the same time, you can also use the anal douches to use as anal stretchers.

The use of the anal douches is extremely simple, just pour a certain amount of water into the cavity, and then turn on the switch on the console to control the water flow and temperature, and then clean. It is recommended that when washing, the water temperature in the cavity should be maintained at about 37 degrees, and a comfortable and relaxed state of mind should be maintained throughout the washing process. After washing, remember to disassemble the anal douches in time, clean it, and store it in a dry environment to maintain a long service life.

Anal douch is designed for cleaning the anus, it is very convenient, safe and easy to operate. Compared with the traditional bathing method, it can make the washing more precise, and it can also keep the hygienic and special cleaning area clean. It allows you to wash the sanitary sex toys inside with peace of mind, care and comfort; and helps remove dirt or dust that cannot reach special areas, as well as remove any residual cleaning agents. Before using any anal douches, it is always recommended to first wash it with an Arnal scrubber to ensure a more thorough hygienic cleaning.