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In some cases, people are interested in cleaning their anus, but they don’t know how to do that. In order to keep your anus healthy, it is very important to perform an anal cleansing process that is simple yet effective. I would like to share with you my experience on how to make an anal cleansing at home, how it affects your safety, comfort and cleanliness and how to do it.

What is anal cleansing

Douching of the anus involves injecting a solution into it in order to remove any substances that may have built up inside it. A lot of people use this to clean their anuses to ensure disinfection and to remove dirt, giving them the feeling of being clean. Also, it can be used as a means of cleaning the anus in preparation for sex, thereby ensuring that you are feeling more clean and relaxed when you have sex.

It is not difficult to make your own anal cleansing solution at home, so it is very convenient for you to perform this task. If you do not want to use household vinegar, you can use antibacterial lotion such as Golden Skin Antibiotic Lotion by mixing one third vinegar to one half fresh water. The difference between lukewarm water and hot water is that hot water may cause damage to the fabric, whereas lukewarm water can do no such thing. A solution that has been specifically developed for anal douching can also be purchased.

Other safety measures

The use of solutions is just one way to ensure safety and cleanliness, but there are several other steps that can be taken. Whenever you douch, make sure to clean your hands before doing so to ensure that no germs get into your anus as a result of douching. As a precautionary measure, you should also make sure that your anus is cleaned from the outside and take care not to scratch it with sharp objects or other hard objects.

If you are running out of time to towel dry the solution after you have washed your anus, then you can ensure that it stays dry and that it does not become infected.

How to douche

To do your douche, you can make use of a spray bottle, sponge or laundry bottle depending on the amount of water you need. If you want the solution to stay in a safe place, make sure to keep it away from any items in your home that may get dirty. When injecting the solution into your anus, you can use a scrubbing motion to ensure your anus stays clean and free from debris as you inject the solution into your anus.

If you are finished with your scrubbing routine, you should make sure that you drain the solution completely so that the anus remains dry after you have dried it with a towel.


Using anal douches is a very easy yet very effective way of cleaning your anus to ensure your safety, comfort, and the cleanliness of your body. Making your own solution at home is also an option and you can use a spray bottle, sponge or washing up bottle to inject the solution into your anus and then you can use a washing up motion to make sure your anus stays dry after using the spray bottle, sponge or wash up bottle. It is very important to make sure that once you have finished douching, you then rinse out all of the solution completely and towel dry your anus so that it stays dry for a long time.

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