How to Clean and Maintain Your Butt Plugs?

Most people think that using and maintaining butt plugs is a difficult thing to do, but in reality they are actually quite easy to maintain. Now, let’s talk about how to clean and maintain your butt plugs.

First of all, make sure to rinse your butt plugs with warm water before use to make sure it is not contaminated. After washing, you can disinfect it with a disinfectant soaked in a rag outside, or soak it in hot water for a while.

Also, please do not use wire balls if cleaning and maintenance. This may damage the back shield, and it is easy to change the shape of the butt plug, which can lead to unsafe and harmful to health.

Also, when cleaning, the different detergents used should be chosen lighter so as not to damage the surface of the butt plug. In addition, before using your butt plugs, you can wrap a layer of moist mouthpiece outside the anal plugs in order to be more clean and life guard.

Finally, the correct use is the key to clean and maintain the butt plugs, the use of the process should not be too hard to twist or squeeze, so as not to cause abnormal pressure. When inserting and pulling out, you should also do the same shape idea, so as not to do uncomfortable.

In short, cleaning and maintenance butt plugs is not difficult, as long as the use of appropriate means and methods can do a good job to ensure that they are safe and clean. Emphasize not to use excessive force to avoid abnormal pressure. In addition, be sure to maintain a consistent shape idea when inserting and pulling out.

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