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How to Gape Your Asshole

Anal gaping is becoming more and more popular at the sex time, especially for the BDSM game, and many people want to explore their anus and try this kind of sex feeling. When you gape your ass hole, it can be used for both anal sex and BDSM sex game, and after that, it may need to spend several hours to recover.

What Is an Anal Gape?

An anal gape is a move that keeps the anus open. There are many ways to achieve this effect. One, the anus always be inserted by the dildo or other anal sex toys, giving the muscles enough time to get used to being open and remain open when there are no things inside. You don’t need to use any kinds of extreme ways, but just pratice the anal stretching from time to time. Many people can accept this kind of anal sex, but still, some think that it is not safe or there is some harm to their body. But the BDSM lovers always will do this during their sex time.

Why Do People Want the Anal Gape?

For this question, it is a little hard to answer for me, because it is just a normal sex move just like other kinds of sex moves. But for these people who didn’t have this kind of fantasy, they just feel weird and they may want to know why people want the anal gape. In general, different people have different tastes, and it is just their personal choice.

For some guys, they just feel that the anal gape is a normal sex move and they enjoy anal gape and anal stretching very much. They will always be inserted buy a penis or anal stretch to make their anal opening become bigger and bigger. At the same time, they enjoy anal stretching very much. After practice, and then they can use some bigger sex toys to insert into their anus, or feel the highest possible level of stretching or fullness that is possible.

In addition, particularly for gay men, enjoy anal gaping as a kind of foreplay. They are into the anal sex and being able to see the result can be quite empowering. When they want to have a BDSM game, they will always have fist sex if the anal is enough big. When they face up to a big penis, then there is no need to worry that their anus cannot hold the penis.

And still, some people choose to play anal gape just to please their sex partners. Especial in the BDSM game, the slave always can do everything to make their dominant partner become happy. At the same time, they can do everything to let their sex partner to stretch their anus all the time.

How to Gape the Anus?

If you are a novice, then there are many things you will don’t know about how to gape the anus. First, you should know that anal sex where you intend to perform some gaping should begin with an enema butt plug. You need to clean your anus thoroughly when you need to expose deeper parts of your rectum, after all, you don’t want to feel embarrassed, right? Of course, you don’t know what will happen in the anus gape time, but preparing for everything is always a good thing.

Second, after you prepare everything, you should keep yourself relaxed. You can do this any way you expect, maybe you want to have an orgasm all the time. You should know that being relaxed will loosens the tension of all the muscles in the anus, making it much easier to achieve your goal.

You had better add as much as lube to decrease the ache or any discomfortable feeling. If you don’t use any lube, the anal stretcher or other kinds of anal sex toys may hurt your anus, or even bleed. Even if you’ve used enough lube before the move, you had better keep using them all the time during the anal gape. Just keep the lube around you so that you can reach it anytime anywhere.

After all the preparation is done, what you need to do is start the anus gape slowing. Please don’t do it too quickly. In addition, if your sex partner is a novice, then you had better use the small anal stretcher to start the work in case there are any aches or hurt. If he feels uncomfortable, you should stop it right away. After all, it is a little dangerous for the anal gape. These motions over time help to fool the sphincters into thinking that the bowel is full, causing them to open up and produce your gape.

Dangers of Anal Gaping

In fact, anal gape is very dangerous, so we need to prepare for everything before we start. Danger will happen especially when you insert too big an anal stretcher or insert some rough things in your anus, but don’t use the lube. They may hurt your anus, cause some uncomfortable sex feeling or
damaging your delicate anal muscles, now, you must stop all the anal gape and rest until your anus recovers.

Other dangers are even worse. Due to the delicate and thin nature of the anal muscles, it’s much more likely that STIs and STDs can be transmitted anally than vaginally.

What’s worse is that there is some relationships between anal activity and cancer, especially in men. This tends to only be transmitted with people who have HPV though, so as long as you’re practicing safe sex, it should be fine.
In addition, you may face up a prolapsed anus. Many people say that you may meet up this danger even if there is still no evidence that a prolapsed anus is caused by anal gaping. At the same time, it is possible that you may get a prolapsed uterus through childbirth or natural causes, therefore, you can even ignore this danger.


From what we mentioned above, now you have known the meaning of anal gaping, why we need anal gaping, and how to make anal gaping. Maybe you still have any doubts about anal gaping, but you can leave reviews to us and we will reply to you soon. Anyway, no matter whether you have gone through the anal gaping, are going through anal gaping, will go anal gaping, then you had better know a little about anal gaping.

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