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How to Insert and Remove a Butt Plug?

How to Insert and Remove a Butt Plug

When you get a butt plug, then you must know how to use them. It seems like they are easy to use, right? In fact, they are many tips to use, including how to insert and remove the butt plugs before and after using.
There is a wide range of butt plugs online, and different butt plugs, they have different using ways.

Although there are many instructions online to explain how to insert and remove a butt plug, some of them may make you feel confused. In this post, I would like to introduce how to insert and remove a butt plug step by step.

Inserting the Butt Plugs

When you got your butt plug, maybe it is a little bit. Now, you can use your fingers to become accustomed, and then, you can insert the butt plugs slowly. Before inserting, you had better add enough lube to your anus and butt plugs simultaneously, because your anus will bread liquid itself, which is different from the vagina. Of course, you should use the right lube, for example, don’t use the silicone-based lube on your silicone butt plugs. Instead, you had better use the water-based lube.

When the head of the butt plug reaches the sphincter muscles, about 4 cm inside the rectum, push in slowly, while trying to consciously relax the muscles.

The sphincter usually clenches and releases without our conscious knowledge, and sometimes may refuse to cooperate even when we are focusing on making it do what we want. If you face up to this, you should make yourself feel relaxed and don’t be anxious. Only peace can make us enjoy sex time more comfortably.

Once your sphincter is relaxed, the tip of the plug will go through, but you still may experience difficulties with your sphincter clenching up on its own once the wider portion of the plug starts to pass through. Now, it is time to stop the exploration and keep the peace once more. When you become relaxed, then you can insert the butt plug again. Maybe this procession needs time, you should make full preparation.

Removing the Butt Plugs

For the removal, there is still something you need to take care of. When you are going to remove the butt plug, you should grab the body of the butt plug, and then remove it slowly. The key to removing the butt plug is that you should pull the widest part at the beginning.

The procession of pulling is very slow. When you need to remove the butt plugs, the sphincter will already have clenched around the narrow part right after the body and don’t want the butt plug to let go. Now, please never try to remove your butt plugs by using brute force in case there is any harm to your anus, even causing a bleed.

Apart from the tips, you still should remove the butt plugs according to the feelings. For example, your hands and your sphincter must work in coordination so that there are no wrong ways to remove them.

And plus, when you remove the butt plugs, maybe you can’t feel anything at the beginning, but it is a slow procession, if you have mastered the right removing way, then your butt plugs will move out in a short time.

If you have ever removed the butt plugs, you would find that when the widest part is out, then the rest starts to become easy. Anyway, the whole procession is very easy if you have some expertise, and please don’t remove your butt plugs too fast, in case it will bring you any discomfort or hurt.

Now, everything is done.

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